Monthly Archives: August 2015


Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 150 Added

Need the look of concert lighting but lack the space, time and budget? The Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 150 combines to ease of stand mounted lighting effects with the impact of moving yoke lighting fixtures. With none of the hassle of program complicated software or having to drag out heavy road cases, simply slide the

X-Laser Skywriter Chroma Mini Shines Bright

Pro-Mix is excited to add a pair of X-Laser Skywriter Chroma Mini RGB Animation Lasers to our rental inventory*. Featuring brightness above and beyond the previous 750mW model, this 1.2W laser has crisp colorful beams that cut through the air. For smooth graphics, the Chroma Mini features 30,000 points-per-second galvos ensuring shapes, logos and animation

T-Shirt Launchers Now Available

Our compact handheld T-Shirt Launchers easily throw T-Shirts up to 150FT. Using standard 20oz CO2 tanks identical to Paintball tanks, they are safe and easy to use. Just simply charge up the internal tank, pull the trigger and watch the cotton-poly blend fly! Remember, just don’t aim the launcher directly at people because this thing