Monthly Archives: May 2016

Pro-Mix Adds Shure QLX-D to our Production Pool

Pro-Mix recently added a full rack of four QLX-D production kits to our inventory!  The kits include Shure Beta 58 handheld mics, QLX-1 bodypacks with Countryman E6 headset mics, standard 1/2 wave antennas or Shure's High-Gain, amplified directional "paddle" antennas along with Shure's antenna/power supply rack combiner system.  The entire rig is mounted in an ATA

We’ve Added Even More Pipe & Drape!!!

We've just added "Umbra" opaque black panels to our extensive drapery inventory.  Check out the picture - That's a high-powered followspot shining directly at our Umbra drape!!!  Umbra WINS! Umbra Black-Out Drapes provide an excellent solution for light blocking, sound absorption, and non-transparency.  This "Next Generation" Blackout technology provides over 95% light exclusion for a

Now Available – 65″ Flat Panel Monitors!

Pro-Mix recently added four 65" Hi-Def Smart Monitors to our rental inventory.  Units are supplied in custom ATA flight cases with two TVs per case.  The units are WiFi compatible, and have 4 HDMI inputs, as well as Component, Composite, S-Video, RF, and USB connectivity.  Call today for rental information!