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Soundcraft Signature 10 Mixer

Soundcraft's legacy is one of roadworthy dependability combined with studio quality audio. The new Signature 10 Mixer continues this tradition by combining many of Soundcraft and Harman Group's finest technologies all in one compact unit. With Soundcraft Ghost Pre-amps, dbx Limiting on two channels and superb tweak-able effects from Lexicon, the Signature 10 is a

X-Laser Skywriter Chroma Mini Shines Bright

Pro-Mix is excited to add a pair of X-Laser Skywriter Chroma Mini RGB Animation Lasers to our rental inventory*. Featuring brightness above and beyond the previous 750mW model, this 1.2W laser has crisp colorful beams that cut through the air. For smooth graphics, the Chroma Mini features 30,000 points-per-second galvos ensuring shapes, logos and animation

T-Shirt Launchers Now Available

Our compact handheld T-Shirt Launchers easily throw T-Shirts up to 150FT. Using standard 20oz CO2 tanks identical to Paintball tanks, they are safe and easy to use. Just simply charge up the internal tank, pull the trigger and watch the cotton-poly blend fly! Remember, just don’t aim the launcher directly at people because this thing

CO2 Jets and Cryo Gun Now In Rental

Cryo is Cool! It's no longer just for big concerts anymore. Events like school dances, corporate presentations, bar/bat mitzvas and even weddings are getting into CO2 effects. Pro-Mix has just added into our rental department a Cryo Gun and CO2 Jets! Our concert quality Vertical CO2 Jets shoot up nearly 20 feet into the air

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Chauvet Funfetti Shot Now In Rental

Want a confetti cannon at your event but you don't want to break the bank or hassle with air compressors or CO2 tanks? The Chauvet Funfetti Shot is a NEW easy-to-use confetti launcher that's great for any event! Because it's compact and works without compressed air, you don't need a qualified Pro-Mix staff member to