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Have your event go off with a bang with our confetti cannon! We offer confetti for all kinds of events. For indoor use we offer fire-resistant and UV-sensitive confetti. For outdoor use we have biodegradable confetti that doesn’t need to be recovered after an event. Need a particular color? We have a wide variety of colors available and in any combination you need!

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Our “Do It Yourself” Confetti Cannon

Perfect for smaller events or school dances, this simple to use confetti cannon doesn’t need compressed air or CO2 to work. Not only does that make it make less expensive to run, it does not require a trained operator on-site. Coming soon this May!

do it yourself confetti rental

Our Professional Confetti Cannon

Built for professional sporting events, concerts and charity runs, our compressed air confetti cannon can throw far and high over a huge audience… over 50ft! When you need it to “rain” confetti, this effect is for you!

Our confetti cannon really made an impression!

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