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Read Me! Cryo Co2 Rental Tips

    Co2 Cryo FX uses highly compressed liquid Carbon Dioxide or CO2, an invisible gas we all exhale when we breathe. When frozen or compressed, you can store this gas as a highly pressurized liquid or in solid form as dry ice. When you release this substance either by unpressurizing a tank or warming it up quickly, it changes “states” back to a gas and instantly freezes the water vapor naturally found in the atmosphere creating a “steam or cloud-like” effect.

      Cryo effects are extremely cool, but they get used up quickly! Dry Ice “foggers” typically burn though 20-30 lbs of dry ice to produce between 5-10 minutes of effect before needing to be reheated and refilled. Just enough to do a magical first dance at a wedding or a spooky scene in a play. Cryo Guns and CO2 Jets can go through materials even faster, a 20 lbs tank lasts for roughly 60 seconds of continuous effect. Short quick bursts of no longer than 3 seconds MAXIMUM with no less than 60 seconds between blasts. Using short blasts will be more visually impressive and use materials at a slower pace.
        Transporting the actual fogger or cryo units is fairly easy and dry ice can be stored in a cheap foam cooler. However transporting CO2 tanks require special care similar to transporting propane tanks. It is important to not stress or damage the shut-off valve and never to drop or dent the body of the tank in any way. Plus, each tank is EXTREMELY HEAVY, so have physically-able personnel to help assist with usage of these devices.

          Unlike traditional fog machines which produce smoke by heating up and vaporizing liquid fog fluid, Cryo only uses invisible CO2 gas and the natural water vapor found in the air. However it’s important to know the difference between foggers and cryo. Foggers create thinly dispersed smoke that allows light beams to be seen in midair, Cryo effects dissipate very quickly and do not have any “hang time”. With normal usage, Cryo will not set off smoke detectors. That said, if you blast a “particulate-detecting” smoke detector directly with a Cryo Gun or CO2 Jet there’s a possibility it might trigger… Best to keep these devices pointed away from smoke detectors.
            There are some dangers associated with using CO2 cryo effects but only without taking proper precautions and being careful.

            -Low Lying Dry Ice Foggers-

            Our low-lying foggers use regular “store bought” dry-ice which can burn skin when handled without gloves. Yes, cold can burn as badly as hot can! Frostbite is a prime example. Also never store dry ice in a lockable sealed container because the CO2 found in the dry ice expands as it evaporates away. It takes a whole lot of CO2 gas to make a little bit of dry ice and locked sealed coolers have been know to explode when latched shut over night even with only small amounts of dry ice left in them!

            -Cryo Guns or CO2 Jets-

            Using CO2 Guns or Jets have their own special precautions.
            – One must NEVER under ANY circumstances point the gun or jet directly at another person. These devices essentially shoot “super cold” condensed liquid C02 and hitting a person with this substance can cause burns.
            – Special care must also be taken to not touch the barrel of the gun as they are freezing cold after just a few shots.
            – Cryo Guns and CO2 Jets are limited to a MAXIMUM 3 second blasts with no less than 60 seconds between blasts. The extreme cold can cause the gun to freeze or the seals to wear out.
            – Additionally Cryo effects should only be used ventilated areas because CO2 gas is heavier than air it can settle or displace breathable air in very tightly confined spaces.

            All Cyro Guns and CO2 Jets require a signed waiver for their use. Much like a rental car can be dangerous if not used properly, this equipment can be dangerous is misused as well. Pro-Mix accepts no liability due to personal or property damages caused by customers when renting or using this equipment.

            An Important Note on Safety!

            It is absolutely necessary to follow ALL recommended safety guidelines regarding the responsible usage of CO2 Cryo effects.  Failure to do so can cause serious injury or death!  With great power comes great responsibility… When used properly, Cryo is safe and can make your event look amazing! Please Be Careful!!!

            For a primer on Cryo CO2 effects and safety please read the entire “Read Me! Cyro CO2 Rental Tips” section found to the left of this disclaimer.