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4 Example Packages for Every Part of the School Year!

Remember EVERY package can be customized to your suit needs, wants or budget! Check out our list of package add-ons to add even more sparkle to your dance.
If you are in Suburban Chicago or surrounding Wisconsin or Indiana, give us a call today and we can help you make up your own special package!

  • An energetic, talented DJ for 3 hours with radio-safe teen-appropriate music. Music can also be restricted to a “do-play” or “do-not-play” list. We work with your staff to maintain a proper dancing environment.
  • Two JBL Double 15″ Loudspeakers, making our basic systems better than most “upgraded” sound systems!
  • Wireless Handheld Mic for making announcements
  • Two LED Par Lighting Trees w/ 8 Colorful Lights for a SAFE, well-lit dancefloor.
  • Great for Extra-Curricular Celebrations or Smaller, Off-Season High School Dances!
basic package
  • Takes our “Simple but Fun” Package and adds a Concert-style Lighting Package for added impact!
  • Adds Two 12-foot Vertical Aluminium Truss Towers.
  • Adds Computer Controlled 360-degree Moving Lights to splash patterns of light around the room! Upgrades to 8 Ultra-Bright LED RGBA Wash Lightis with exciting chase patterns
  • Great for Formal Dances, Proms or Graduation Parties!
2nd package
  • Takes our “To The Next Level” Package and adds even more excitement!
  • 20-foot Concert-quality Over-head Truss System on 15′ Crank Stands.
  • 2 x 360-degree Moving Lights PLUS 20-Inch Mirrorball PLUS your choice of Two 400w Strobe Lights or Two UV-LED Washlights
  • High Impact Sound System with Long-Throw Subwoofers
  • Great for Proms, Winter Turn-abouts or Seasonal Dances!
3rd package
4th package
  • Takes our “Above & Beyond” Package and adds a Video Dance Party with MC and Multiple Disk Jockeys!
  • Features TV Safe Music Videos and Ambient Visuals.
  • Crowd Shots using 12-foot boom w/ 2nd Camera Trained on DJ.
  • Adds 16 more feet of Truss, 8 more LED washlights, 2 more 360-degree movers and doubles the sound system
  • Your choice of 4 x Large Flat Panel Displays on Truss sticks or Two MEGA 9’x12′ Rear Projection Video Screens.
  • Great for Homecomings!
  • Concert Sound Systems
  • Custom Designed Lighting Rigs
  • Celebrity DJs or Performers
  • Pre-Events Lunchtime Parties
  • School Promotional Items & Give Aways
  • For Schools Who Expect The Best In Entertainment

Greatest Party Ever! When it’s time to go BIG or Go Home!

  • Celebrity DJs or Performers
  • Pre-Event Lunchtime Parties
  • School Promotional Items & Give Aways
  • Concert Sound Systems
  • Custom Designed Lighting Shows
  • Professional Animation Lasers
  • Huge UV Blacklight & Glow Parties
  • CO2 “Cryo” Blasters
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Balloon Drops
  • T-Shirt Guns
  • Deluxe Photobooth w/ Unlimited Shooting
  • For Schools Who Expect The Best In Entertainment