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Grab some friends, gather some coworkers and get your loved ones off the couch! Karaoke is a great way to share fun memories and make some new ones. Pro-Mix offers the highest quality karaoke rental machines in the Chicago Suburbs. Our “top-of-the-line” HDD-based karaoke machines are affordable to rent, quick to set up and easy to use. There are no complicated discs to sort through and lose. Simply pick a song from the book, punch in a 5 digit code and the machine plays CD+G quality karaoke tracks instantly. Don’t be shy and if you are, have someone grab the other mic and join in! Soon the whole room will be singing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Karaoke Rentals!

    Because we invested in the best machines! Most of our competitors rent disc based karaoke machines which means you only get 20 or 30 disks worth of music (500 songs). Our “basic” package has over 1,000 popular songs to choose from. For a small fee your can move up to the Pro-package and choose from over 11,000 songs. Plus we update our machines with the latest and greatest tunes even on our most basic packages. Because our machines are digital, you don’t have to deal with scratched or lost CDs. We know there are other “digital” systems out there but Pro-Mix owns the best digital machines built for professional use, not the cheapest “generic” brand you can find on ebay.
      There is a Standard package and a Pro package. Both packages include everything you need for a karaoke party: a JB199 Karaoke Machine, songbook(s), two wired handheld mics, JBL EON610 Powered Loudspeaker, 13″ Flat-panel TV w/ Stand and the necessary cords to hook it up. The difference is the number of songs, the Standard package has over 1000 songs (Mixed genres and new music) and Pro package has over 11,000 (Everything in the Standard package PLUS MORE 1950s-2000s back-catalog songs).
        Yes! We update our machines with new music regularly, usually before every busy season. Click below to view the songslists where you can browse PDF of the songbooks by artist or title and see lists of new additions.
        Click Here To View Standard Songlist
        Click Here To View Pro Songlist

          Unfortunately we can not but we do take recommendations for seasonal updates. Why can’t we add songs? Because adding music is an extremely time-intensive process. It requires purchasing the songs, adding the music to each machine via specialized software, reprinting the songbooks and then repeating the entire process FIVE more times. That’s why we add music to the machine via song updates regularly.
            For parties with adults, we recommend getting the Pro-package because of the larger selection of songs. You’d be surprised how diverse your singer’s musical tastes are and giving them the widest choice possible makes it easier to find a song to sing. If karaoke is not the main focus of the party (although sometimes it quickly becomes the center of fun), you can certainly rent the smaller Standard package. Also, because both packages contain the newest music updates, youth parties might only require the basic package.
              Our karaoke rental machines are very easy use! After making a few A/V connections, the unit is ready for fun. There are no complicated discs to sort through and lose. Simply pick a song from the book, punch in a 5 digit code and the machine plays CD+G quality karaoke tracks instantly!
              Printed instructions are provided alongside an in-shop demonstration of set-up and operation of the machine.
                Both karaoke rental packages can fit in the trunk or backseat of a sedan or very easily into the back area of minivan or crossover. The individual items weigh less than 30lbs each and can be carried by most average persons. Upgraded JBL 15″ Speakers, only required for bigger events, can weigh up to 39 lbs and although our staff can assist with loading and unloading at the shop, it might be a good idea to make arrangements for someone to help move the equipment at the party if you cannot.
                  There are two parts to a karaoke rental: Reserving the equipment and doing the Rental Contract.

                  Reserving is as easy as contacting us, giving us your pertinent information and paying for the cost of the rental over the phone or in person. Rental rates are per night, except Sunday because we are closed. Rentals are generally picked up after 2pm and returned by 1pm the next day, however customers picking-up Saturday night rentals are not due to return till Monday before close @ 7PM.

                  For the contract we require you to provide a valid IL drivers license and a major credit card (not debit or bank card) which we physically “knuckle-buster” imprint as a security deposit much like renting a car or hotel room. If you cannot fill out the contract IN PERSON either in advance of or when picking up the machine, you can send somebody else like a friend or family member. But be aware THEY must provide their OWN license and credit card and THEY take contractual responsibility of the machine. We cannot accept 3rd party or courier services for rentals. Sorry.

                  For More Rental Policy Information Click Here

                  • Updated Music

                  • Always a Good Time

                  • Professional Equipment

                  • Easy To Set Up