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Bring Hollywood Excitement To Any Event!

Looking to show a film to a large audience at a community or family event? You need an outdoor movie screen rental! Pro-Mix supplies all the super bright projectors, inflatable movie screens and sound systems required to bring the movie theater experience anywhere, outside or inside!

  • Besides regular front projection movie screens, Pro-Mix also features the largest REAR projection inflatable screens in the Chicago market. That means the projector and cables can go safely behind the screen, keeping children away from sensitive equipment and up close to the action.
  • Don’t want the wind blowing away all the fun? Our EXCLUSIVE aluminum truss supported movie screens can be used where even gusty breezes can’t topple them. If you’ve been disappointed with the wind ruining a fun movie night, never fear Pro-Mix is here.
  • Want to show the film in a park or forest preserve where power isn’t easily accessible? Pro-Mix has ultra-quiet generators that can bring fun and excitement anywhere without a wall outlet!
  • If pre-movie entertainment is desired, especially for family events, Pro-Mix is renowned for its amazing kid’s party DJs. Bundle a movie night with a pre-show interactive dance party and save money!

Simply said, Pro-Mix is the best source for an outdoor movie screen rental in Chicago and surrounding suburbs!

*Publicly View-able Showings of Motion Pictures require special licensing. We can point you in the right direction to acquire those rights.