House Uplighitng


We have what it takes to light up any room! Uplighting creates a whole new visual aesthetic that is almost surreal. Available for rent for those who choose to set it up themselves, or hire a crew and get it done professionally. Take a look at these photos and call your sales representative today!

Macy’s Cosmetics Windows

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Macy's on State Street is one of the worldwide leaders in cosmetics sales but how do you get customers on the street to walk into the store? You bring the cosmetics outside to them! However the "Windy City" is not the best environment to do make-up outdoors, so why not use the historic display windows

Pixel Map Truss Letters


When a college-age party promotional group wanted to have a showpiece on stage that represented their company name F.U.N. ("Forget University Nonsense") they came to Pro-Mix to supply the goods. Forming the letters with over 60ft of truss with nearly 50 RGB-LED fixtures pixel-mapping the inside, the rig was programmed via computer software with dozens