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Are you a Disc Jockey, Party Planner, or Banquet Hall Manager?

Ever been jealous of someone’s set-up and wondered how they pulled it off?

Chances are your competitor was subcontracting Pro-Mix’s equipment and expertise under their own company’s name!

Produced by Pro-Mix means that you design the show, we work out the details and the client walks away amazed. The secret? No-one knows that its us working on the show! We bring out the gear, you bring out the entertainment and no one is the wiser. Our professional crew is explicitly told not to use the Pro-Mix name around the clientele and at the end of the day, your company looks 10 x more impressive! Why hassle with buying big equipment, training staff and worrying about storage or transportation? Whether it lighting, sound, video, decor, photobooths, lasers, staging and more… Produced by Pro-Mix has you covered!

If you are in Suburban Chicago or surrounding Wisconsin or Indiana, give us a call today and learn how we can be a partner for your success.