Our Rental Policy

Please Keep In Mind When Renting…

You must be 18 years of age or older to rent from Pro-Mix. You must have a valid Illinois driver’s license – NO tickets, NO state ID cards. Payment in full for the rental, as well as a security deposit equal to the full purchase price of the rented equipment must be made by cash, check, or credit card at the time of the rental. Only one person may sign the contract, pay for, and secure the rental – and all must be by the same person.

Rentals are on a “first come, first served” basis. Rentals are considered “reserved” ONLY if pre-paid upon booking. Although you may have us “put you down” for a particular rental without payment, you may be bumped by a paid reservation at any time. Please note: Pre-paid reservations are non-refundable inside 7 days of the rental date – 50% store credit ONLY outside 7 days. NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstances. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please ask.

Rentals may be picked up after 2:00pm on the day of the rental. You may call earlier than 2:00pm to check if your equipment has been returned early from the night before. In the event that your equipment is available early, your salesperson will tell you what time you may pick up. Pro-Mix makes no guarantee when a specific rental will be available.

Rentals are due back NO LATER than 1:00pm (one o’clock in the afternoon). Rentals returned at 1:01pm WILL BE charged as late. Rentals returned after normal store closing will be charged one full day late. Remember: Other customers are usually waiting for your equipment. If you’re LATE – they WAIT!

Customers must supply their own batteries for battery operated equipment (eg. wireless mics, remotes). Although most rental units will already have a battery installed, Pro-Mix makes no warranty that the existing battery is good.

Improperly coiled cables will be charged a $3.00 coiling fee upon return. Do not coil cables around your elbow! If you do not know how to properly coil a cable, please ask. Cables returned with duct tape wrapped around the jacket will be charged the full purchase price of a new cable – We’ll buy a new cable, and you can keep the gummed up sticky one!.

Your rental is tested in front of you prior to your acceptance of the equipment. By accepting the rental, you agree that the equipment is in working order AND that you know how to properly use it. Once you accept the equipment, no refunds will be allowed, regardless of the problem. NO EXCEPTIONS! Customers will be charged for any damages to equipment which occur during the rental period.

A full, detailed listing of the terms and conditions of our rental program is listed on the rental contract. Please read both sides of your rental contract, ask if you have any questions – we’ll be glad to explain it to you. Rates, terms, and availability subject to change without prior notice.


Although we are conveniently located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, sometimes an equipment pick-up is difficult or impossible. Fortunately Pro-Mix can handle delivery, set-up and removal (except within the city limits of Chicago – see below).  To determine the cost of labor and cartage, please have the following basic information handy when talking to a representative.

–Absolute Earliest Allowable Delivery Time
–Absolute Earliest Allowable Set-Up Time (Please Allow Ample Time for Set-up, 1-Hour+ and Longer Depending On Complexity)
–Correct Event Start Time
–Correct Event End Time
–Latest Allowable Removal or Pick-Up Time (Equipment can not be left unattended unless cleared with appropriate venue staff members)
–Venue Name & Location
–Entrance or Exit Difficulties (Steps, Stairs or Tight Clearances)
–Will You Need An On-Site Tech?

Please Note:  Pro-Mix does not collect the City of Chicago’s Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax, therefore we DO NOT deliver rental equipment within the city limits of Chicago.  If you plan on transporting or using our equipment within the City of Chicago, please be advised that YOU are responsible for paying Chicago’s 9.0% tax on the rental for your “right” to use the equipment within the city.

Our Rental Inventory…  Questions?  Click HERE!

NIGHTLY RATES – Please contact us for our Deeply Discounted Weekly and Monthly Rental Rates!


Karaoke Jukebox Package (hard disk unit w/ 1000+ songs, cables, & wired mics)
EASY TO USE! INCLUDES TV w/ Stand AND JBL EON610 1000w Speaker!
Click Here To Learn About Karaoke Rentals
Click Here For Songlist
Pro Karaoke Jukebox (hard disk unit w/ 11,000+ songs, cables, & wired mics)
EASY TO USE! INCLUDES TV w/ Stand AND JBL EON610 1000w Speaker!
Click Here To Learn About Karaoke Rentals
Click Here For Pro-Songlist
WEEKEND SPECIAL!!! Keep the above machines ALL weekend! Pick up on Thursday, Return on Monday - One low price! Best Deal!!! add $50.00
Denon DNX-500 Pro DJ Mixer $30.00
Numark CM-100 DJ Mixer     Pic 1
Denon DN-4500F Dual CD Player $25.00
American Audio CDK-800 Dual CD Player with Mixer$40.00
DJ Façade Front Board - 6' - White or Black Fabric$30.00
Sennheiser E-815 (corded) $8.00
Sennheiser E-825 (corded)$10.00
Sennheiser E-835 (corded)$12.00
Sennheiser E-935 (corded)$20
Shure SM-58 (corded)$12.00
Nady Drum Kit 5-pc kit w/case$20.00
CAD Pro-7 Drum Mic Kit w/case$40.00
Shure PGX Wireless (choose transmitter)$40.00
Shure SLX Wireless Handheld Mic$50.00
Shure ULX-S Wireless(choose transmitter)$60.00
Shure QLX-D Wireless (choose Transmitter)Call
Audio Technica Handheld Wireless UHF True Diversity (NEEDS AA BATTERIES)$40.00
Audio Technica Lapel Wireless UHF True Diversity (NEEDS AA BATTERIES)$40.00
"Do-It Yourself" DJ System (2 x Eon615, 2 x Spkr Tripod, 1 x DJ Mixer w/ iPod/Laptop Connection, 1 x Wireless Mic)$135.00
SPEAKERS - Active (self-powered)Rate EACH
JBL EON610 Ultra-Portable 2-way 10" woofer, horn tweeter, 4-DSP Modes, stand mount. Only 26 lbs!!!$25.00
JBL EON615 2-way 15" woofer, horn tweeter, 4-DSP Modes, stand mount.$35.00
JBL EON One - Linear Array Speaker - Perfect for Speech$50.00
JBL PRX615M 2-way 15" woofer, horn tweeter, stand mount.$45.00
JBL PRX-715 1500w, 2-way 15" woofer, horn tweeter, dual-angle stand mount, flyable.Call
JBL PRX-625 1500w, 2-way, dual 15" woofer, horn tweeter (use with PRX-618 Subs below)Call
JBL PRX-635 Three Way SpeakerCall
JBL SRX-835P 2000w, 3-way, 15" woofer, mid-driver, horn tweeter (use with SRX-828SP Subs below)Call
K+H FreePort PAS-400 Wireless, battery-pwrd, dual 6.5" 2-way stand mnt, w/ Wireless mic packCall
SUBWOOFERS - Active (self-powered)Rate EACH
JBL PRX-618XLF Subwoofer 1000w, 18" subwoofer.Call
JBL PRX-718XLF Active 18" High-Output Subwoofer$65.00
JBL SRX-828SP Active Dual 18" High-Output SubwooferCall
Don't want mix sound yourself? Hire a sound engineer. Click here to learn more.
Soundcraft UI16 - (Wifi Enabled Mixer, 16 Channel, up to 6 Aux Out, control with Laptop/Phone/Tablet)Call
Soundcraft Signature-10 Mixer (6 mic, 3 stereo line, reverb/delay effects)$30.00
Mackie CFX-12 Mixer (8 mic, 2 stereo line, 4 sub outs, effects)$40.00
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer (16 mic, 2 stereo line, 4 sub outs, effects)$60.00
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer (32 Midas Mic Pre, 4 Aux stereo line, 16 XLR outs, EFX)
Call For Info!
Behringer S-16 Digital SnakeCall
Ethercon 50'$15.00
Ethercon 100'$20.00
Ethercon 150'$25.00
Ethercon 250'$35.00
Neutrik RJ45 Ethernet Feedthrough Coupler$25.00
50' Stage Snake 8/4 (8 XLR sends, 4 TRS returns)$15.00
75' Stage Snake 16/4 (16 XLR sends, 4 TRS returns)$40.00
Direct Box (passive)$5.00
Direct Box (active)$10.00
Radial ProDI Direct Box$15.00
Radial Pro-D2 Direct Box$15.00
AV-Computer Direct Box (passive)$10.00


MA Lighting Dot2 Core w/ WingsCall
Martin M-Touch Control Surface - Requires Free Install of Martin M-PC$70.00
Martin M-Play Control Surface - Requires Free Install of Martin M-PC$80.00
DP-DMX20L Dimmer Pack (4 channel)$15.00
PP-DMX20L Relay Pack (4 channel)$15.00
Chauvet Obey-4 LED Controller$20.00
Elation DMX Operator Pro (programmable)$25.00
Chauvet Stage Designer 50(programmable)$35.00
Martin Light Jockey (USB Dongle)$100.00
DataStream-4 DMX Opto-Splitter (1 DMX In, 4 Isolated Outs, 1 Thru)$20.00
City Theatrical SHoW Baby 5 Wireless DMX TX/RX - Pair$50.00/Pair
Multiform LS4195 LED System (Tripod, 4 LEDs, Case & Controller)$45.00
Chauvet Freedom Stick 4 Package - Set of 4 Battery Powered, D-Fi Wireless LED $50.00
UV "Glow" Lighting Package (4 x Elation UV Wash Fixtures , 2 x 9ft Light Stands)$80.00
FocusSpot Moving Yoke Intelligent Package (2x Elation FocusSpot 250, DMX Operator Pro)$100.00
Glo-Totem/Moving Yoke Intelligent Package (2x Glo-Totem, 2x Chauvet 255IRC, IRC Remote Control)$250.00
Merit Wireless, Li-Ion Battery Powered, RGBWA+UV UPLIGHT (White Enamel Fixture)
Click Here to Learn About Our Uplights
Merit Blast LED 6-in1 RGBWA+UV Par-Can
(Powerful 24 x 18W LEDs, our brightest fixture!)
Chauvet SlimPar Pro RGBA Wash Lights$25.00
American DJ 38P LED Can UPLIGHT Chrome - Ask About Quantity DISCOUNTS!!!$10.00
LED Pinspot 2 (great for mirrorballs)$5.00
Par 46 Can Chrome, 200w w/gel frame$8.00
Par 56 Can Chrome, 300w or 600w w/gel frame$10.00
ETC Source Four - 36 Degree$35.00
ETC Source Four JR - 26° Beam Angle, 575w$20.00
ETC Source Four JR Zoom - 26° to 50° Beam Angle, 575w$25.00
ETC Source Four PAR - White 375w or 575w$15.00
Altman OUTDOOR PAR - White 575w$15.00
Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST - Lightweight, Low Power Consumption$50.00
Dual Followspot Package
2 x Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST
Chauvet LED Followspot 120ST - Lightweight, Low Power Consumption, Bright$75.00
Chauvet EZpin Pack - Battery Powered Pinspot Set (Includes 6 x Spots, Mounts & IR Remote)$30.00
Chauvet UV LED Shadow (Compact 192xUV-LED black light, DMX capable)
Click Here For More Info About Blacklights
American DJ UV Wash (100w high-output black light)
Click Here For More Info About Blacklights
Merit Blast LED UV Par-Can
(Powerful 24 x 3W UV LEDs, our brightest fixture!)
Click Here For More Info About Blacklights
Merit Wireless, Li-Ion Battery Powered, RGBWA+Ultraviolet UPLIGHT (White Enamel Fixture)
Click Here For More Info About Blacklights
Click Here to Learn About Our NEW Uplights
Elation FocusSpot 250 Moving Yoke (per head)$40.00
Chauvet Q-Beam 260$50.00
Chauvet Intimidator 255IRC$50/$90 Pair
Chauvet FESTOON 50'Call
Chauvet GigBar 2.0$50.00
Chauvet FX Par9 Effects Par$25.00
Chauvet Swarm 5 FX
(3 in 1 Laser/Strobe/Effect)
Click to learn more about the Swarm 5FX
American DJ Starball$15.00
American DJ MegaFlash Strobe (750 watt, DMX capable)$10.00
Chauvet Circus 2.0 LED
Click to learn more about the Circus 2.0 LED
Chauvet Cubix 2.0 LED
Click to learn more about the Cubix 2.0 LED


Need AV Services? Click Here to Learn More
Magnavox 42" LCD Flat Screen TV (w/case) New - MUCH LOWER Price!!!$75.00
Toshiba 46" LCD Flat Screen TV (w/case)$200.00
Vizio 65" LED Smart WiFi Flat Screen TV (w/case)Call
BenQ SP-870 DLP Video Projector (5000 lumens output)$300.00
Infocus 124STx Short Throw Projector - (3700 lumens output)$200.00
BenQ PB-8250 DLP Video Projector (3000 lumens output)$150.00
60" x 80" EZ-Up Pro Video Screen (Front projection only)$40.00
6' x 8' Fast-Frame Pro Video Screen (Choose front or rear projection - includes bottom skirt)$75.00
Full Dress Kit for 6x8 Fast-Frame Screen (bottom skirt, sides, top valance)$50.00
9' x 12' Fast-Frame Pro Video Screen (Choose front or rear projection - includes bottom skirt)$120.00
Full Dress Kit for 9x12 Fast-Frame Screen (bottom skirt, sides, top valance)$80.00
13' x 20' FP Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen (w/blower)
Larger Event? Click to Learn About Additional Movie Night Services
7'4" x 5' Odyssey Lycra Spandex Screen (w/frame & stands)$40.00
Xantex AV-61 (1x4 VGA Video Distribution Amp)$10.00
TruLink VSA-F14 (1x6 Composite Video, Stereo Audio Distribution Amp)$15.00
Impact VSA-12 (1x2 VGA Video Splitter/Distribution Amp)$10.00
Impact AVC-41 (1x4 Component Video, Stereo Audio Distribution Amp)$20.00
Impact Scaler (VGA to TV video conversion)$40.00
Edirol V-4 Video Mixer (w/mini monitor in case)$100.00
LevelMount Universal TV Mount Bracket$20.00
PPD VAM-2000 Video Mixer (in case)$20.00
Marshall 3-Screen Video Preview Monitor (in case) $40.00
HDMI Wireless Transmitter- Sender/ReceiverCall

Special Effects

Chauvet Eclipse (4.9mw similar to "BlissLight") $20.00
X-Laser Skywriter Chroma Mini (1.2W RGB 30K Animation Laser w/ Pangolin)
Click here to learn more about our lasers!
Call For Info!
Chauvet Hurricane 1300 Fogger (w/remote)$25.00
Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3D (w/remote)$40.00
Martin/Jem ZR-12AL Fogger (w/remote)$35.00
Blizzard AtmosFear Tour HZ Hazer
Chauvet Pro Vesuvio Vertical Fogger w/LEDs$60.00
LeMaitre Pea Souper Low Lying "Dancing On The Clouds" Fogger
(Requires dry ice & water)
For More Information About Cryo CO2 FX
Antari Pro S-500 Theatrical Snow Machine - Low noise
(plus fluid charges)
CO2 CryoRate EACH
Cryo Gun w/Hose
For More Information About Cryo CO2 FX
Call For Info
CO2 Jets (Shoots Vertical Cryo, Requires CO2 Tank)
For More Information About Cryo CO2 FX
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Confetti & T-Shirt LaunchersRate EACH
Chauvet Funfetti Shot "DIY Confetti Cannon"
(No CO2 or Compressed Air Needed! Confetti Sold Separately)
Click Here To Learn More About Our Confetti Cannon
Bulk Confetti - 1lb bag$21.99
T-Shirt Gun - Uses 20oz CO2 Tanks
Launches T-Shirts 150FT
$75.00 ($10 Per Tank)
Professional Compressed Air Confetti Launcher
(For Large Events)
Click Here To Learn More About Our Confetti Cannon
Call For Info
Professional CO2 Confetti Blower
(For Large Events)
Call For Info


Microphone Stand (Straight w/ Weighted Base or Tripod w/ Boom)$5.00
Speaker Tripod (Ultimate Support TS-80B or similar)$5.00
Ultimate Support TS-99B 9' Lighting Tripod w/ Crossbar$10.00
Ultimate Support 2' Tripod Extension$3.00
Knight Truss System (2 tripods with 10' truss)$25.00
Clamp (ABS plastic O-clamp)$1.00
Clamp (Aluminum mini-clamp)$2.00
Clamp (2" aluminum truss clamp)$3.00
Clamp (Mega-clamp)$3.00
Global Truss SQ-4116 4.0m Box Truss Section$45.00
Global Truss SQ-4114 3.0m Box Truss Section$40.00
Global Truss SQ-4113 2.5m Box Truss Section$30.00
Global Truss SQ-4112 2.0m Box Truss Section$25.00
Global Truss SQ-4110 1.0m Box Truss Section$20.00
Global Truss SQ-4109 0.5m Box Truss Section$15.00
Global Truss SQ-4121 7.5 Degree Box Truss Angle (for truss roofs)$15.00
Global Truss SQ-C7-45 45° Box Truss Section (8x Sections make 7 Meter Truss Circle)$45.00
Global Truss SQ-C5-90 90° Box Truss Section (4x Sections make 5 Meter Truss Circle)$75.00
Global Truss ST-UJB-12 6-Way Corner Block$40.00
Global Truss SQ-4121 90-Degree Corner$25.00
Global Truss BASE PLATE 2X2S 2' x 2' Steel Base Plate$25.00
Global Truss BASE PLATE 3X3S 3' x 3' Steel Base Plate$30.00
Global Truss BASE PLATE 30X30A 30" x 30" Aluminum Base Plate$35.00
Global Truss SQ-4137 1' x 4' Steel Base Plate$15.00
Global Truss 1' x 5' Aluminum Base Plate$20.00
Global Truss SQ-4137 1' x 1' Aluminum Top Plate$10.00
Global Truss ST-157 15'7" Tall w/ Outrigger Crank-Up Stand w/ Truss Adaptor$75.00
Sleeve Block Truss Climber SystemCall
6x4m Truss Roof System (covers a 16' x 12' Stage)Call
Trusst Glo-Totems - Includes: Truss totem, uplight, scrim, base & top$75
Staging & RisersRate
Alulite 3' x 6' Stage Deck w/12" legs$15.00
Alulite 6' x 12' Stage or 3' x 24' Riser (4 decks) w/12" legs$50.00
Honda EU2000i Ultra-Quiet Generator (1400watt - ultra clean AC power) SUPER PORTABLE$75.00
Yamaha EF2400i Ultra-Quiet Generator (2400watt - ultra clean AC power)$100.00
Wacker G-25 Quiet Power 20kW Diesel Generator (20,000 watt, 3-phase, on trailer)Call
TrippLite 300w 12v DC to 110v AC Power Inverter$10.00
Six-2 Floor-Pac L1430, 30a 220v to 4 circuit x 20a 110v Power Distro w/feeder cableCall
Six-2 Floor-Pac L2130, 30a 3ph 220v to 6circuit x 20a 110v Power Distro w/feeder cableCall
Six-2 CamLok 3-Phase, 12 Circuit Pro DistroCall
CamLok Feeder CablesCall
21-30 TwistLok Feeder CableCall
14-30 TwistLok Feeder CableCall
Rock n' Roller Multipurpose Cart$20
Sandbags (25lb) Call
ClearCom System w/ Base Station, Up to 6 Beltpacks, Headsets & PSUCall


Click here to learn more about Decor and Uplighting
Pipe & Drape Panels (White IFR Premiere or Sateen Linen - 5' W x 12' H)$10.00
Umbra Opaque Black Out Panels$12.00
Pipe & Drape 12' Adjustable Upright w/Base Plate & Pin$15.00
Pipe & Drape 6' - 10' Extendable Crossbar (Requires 2 - 4 Panels for 50% fullness)$5.00
Pipe & Drape 7' - 12' Extendable Crossbar (Requires 3 - 5 Panels for 50% fullness)$5.00
Pipe & Drape 2' - 3' Extendable Crossbar (Requires 1 Panel for 50% fullness)$5.00
Pipe & Drape 3' - 5' Extendable Crossbar (Requires 1 - 2 Panels for 50% fullness)$5.00
Pipe & Drape On-site Setup, Strike & Fold Fee (Min rental: $250, per linear foot of fabric)$3.00 per lin ft
Pipe & Drape AV Booth System Kit - BlackCall
Table Skirts (Black - priced per table)$5.00
DJ Skirts 4' Table Jacket (4' table skirt)$10.00
DJ Skirts 6' Table Jacket (6' table skirt)$12.00
DJ Skirts 8' Table Jacket (8' table skirt)$15.00
White Translucent Box Truss Sleeves (fits 12"x 12" box truss)$15.00

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