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4 Example Packages to Blow Your Mind, Not Your Budget!

Remember EVERY package can be customized to your suit needs, wants or budget! Check out our list of package add-ons to add even more sparkle to your event.
If you are in Suburban Chicago or surrounding Wisconsin or Indiana, give us a call today and we can help you make up your own special package!

  • An energetic talented DJ for 2 hours with family/school appropriate music. We edit “Radio-safe” tracks even further for suggestive content! Music can also be restricted to a “do-play” or “do-not-play” list.
  • Two JBL Professional 15″ Loudspeakers, making our basic systems better than most “upgraded” sound systems!
  • Handheld Mic for making announcements
  • Two Optional LED Par Lighting Trees w/ 8 Colorful Lights for a SAFE, well-lit dancefloor.
  • Great for Smaller or Mid-Season Dances!

basic package


  • Takes our “Simple but Fun” Package and adds a Concert-style Lighting Package for added impact!
  • Adds Two 12-foot Vertical Aluminium Truss Towers.
  • Adds Computer Controlled 360-degree Moving Lights to splash patterns of light around the room! Upgrades to 8 Ultra-Bright LED RGBA Wash Lightis with exciting chase patterns
  • Includes Group Games and Line Dances
  • Great for Formal Dances, Proms or Graduation Parties!

2nd package


  • Takes our “To The Next Level” Package and adds even more excitement!
  • 20-foot Concert-quality Over-head Truss System on 15′ Crank Stands.
  • 2 x 360-degree Moving Lights PLUS 20-Inch Mirrorball PLUS your choice of Two 400w Strobe Lights or Two UV-LED Washlights
  • High Impact Sound System with Long-Throw Subwoofers
  • Great for Homecomings, Winter Turn-abouts or Child/Parent Dances!

3rd package


4th package

  • Takes our “Above & Beyond” Package and adds a Video Dance Party with MC & Lead-Follow Dance Crew!
  • Features Family/School Safe Music Videos and Ambient Visuals.
  • Crowd Shots using 12-foot boom w/ 2nd Camera Trained on Dancers to help students follow along.
  • Adds 16 more feet of Truss, 8 more LED washlights, 2 more 360-degree movers and doubles the sound system
  • Your choice of 4 x Large Flat Panel Displays on Truss sticks or Two MEGA 9’x12′ Rear Projection Video Screens.
  • Great for End-of-year Dances, Community Fundraisers or Special Events!

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Just A Few Package Add-ons

  • Deluxe Photobooth w/ Unlimited Shooting
  • MC & Pair of Lead-Follow Dancers
  • Additional Speakers or High Impact Subwoofers
  • Animated Laser Shows
  • CO2 Cryo Jet Backpack
  • Confetti Cannon
  • Glow Stick / Glow Necklace Give-Aways
  • UV Blacklight “Cannons”
  • Karaoke Party
  • Balloon Drops
  • Prize Giveaways

What Client’s Say

“Our kids couldn’t have had a more amazing time. [Pro-mix] came out, got the kids up and out of their seats and danced the night away!”
Leslie, District 25 in Arlington Heights
“Your Lead-Follow dancers MADE THE PARTY. Especially Casey and PJ who were all the kid’s heroes at the end of the night. I can’t believe were actually asking them for autographs!”
Cathy, Barrington PTA
Wow, you guys were AMAZING! From your professionalism, warmth of yourself and your staff, engaging the crowd, flexibility, good prices, fun, fun, fun and very generous I might add, we were amazed and so pleased with Pro-Mix.
Caroline, Girl Scouts