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Want your event to GLOW? Black lights are more popular than ever and Pro-Mix rents powerful theater-grade UV fixtures to make any “regular space” look like “outer-space”! Give us a call and learn how Pro-Mix can transform your event into an ultraviolet experience you’ll never forget! Big or small, we have a large inventory of fixtures capable of handling nearly any event.

Helpful UV Blacklight Rental Tips!

There are two parts to a blacklight rental: Reserving the equipment and doing the Rental Contract. Reserving is as easy as contacting us, giving us your pertinent information and paying for the cost of the rental over the phone or in person. For the contract we require you to provide a valid IL drivers license and a major credit card (not debit or bank card) which we physically “knuckle-buster” imprint as a security deposit much like renting a car or hotel room. If you cannot fill out the contract IN PERSON either in advance of or when picking up the equipment, you can send somebody else like a friend or family member. But be aware THEY must provide their OWN license and credit card and THEY take contractual responsibility of the equipment. We cannot accept 3rd party or courier services for rentals.

The vast majority of our blacklight rentals can easily be setup by one person in 10 minutes or so. When you pick up your rental, we are more than happy to show you how to set-it up. As far as transportation goes, a set of four fixtures can easily fit in the backseat of a sedan with plenty of room to spare. However the lighting stands can sometimes be a bit taller than the back seat of a 4-door sedan is wide. So if you are in a regular coupe or sedan, a folding rear bench seat that allows longer items to pass through into the trunk is useful. Nearly all Minivans, Hatchbacks, SUVs and Crossovers have more than enough room for these items.

Most individual UV blacklight fixtures rental for between $15 and $30 dollars but you need more than one or two to cover a large space for a party. An “average” blacklight rental usually costs between $70 and $200 depending on the number of fixtures.

Most party store lights are “consumer-grade”. That means they are inexpensive enough for people to buy “on a whim” but also have to be made cheap enough to be profitable for the retailer. An average shopper is not going to buy a $400 fixture to light up a Grateful Dead poster. Pro-Mix only rents high-quality “theatrical-grade” fixtures at affordable prices.

Ultraviolet Black Lights, unlike regular lighting, gets washed out very easily. You want to make sure any ambient lights (except safety lighting) is off or dimmed very low. Also any windows that let in bright light should be well covered. Sheets of black plastic or think craft paper will help cut down on light coming into the space. Daylight kills blacklights, so the brighter it is outside, the more work you’ll need to do to get the room dark. If you’ve ever been to glow-in the dark mini-golf or haunted houses, those places have no windows and are entirely lit by black lights alone.

This is probably the most asked question we get! Simply call us with information about the size space you are in and we can help suggest what you need. The bigger the space and more ambient light there is, the more difficult it is to achieve a bright UV effect. It’s not a bad idea to rent more than what you think you might need because blacklights never go to waste or be “too much”. Black lights are best rented in sets of 4 units, with 2 units on each stand. Each stand is then placed on either side of the dancefloor or room. This way UV light can wash individuals both sides giving a better effect!

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