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The Most Special Day of Your Life!

Craigslist is an awesome place to find awful things. Traditionally Craigslist DJs are uninsured, use cheap equipment and only work occasional wedding for “side money” or “as a hobby”. We’re guessing you didn’t find your loved one on craigslist, why would you find the person who will entertain your family and friends there?
Referral companies have a lot of fancy marketing and they make it sound like they have “minimum standards”. Unfortunately most of the time, they just sub-contract those Craigslist DJs and charge you more money for the privilege. You’ll get to meet your DJ one time only for about 20 minutes 8 months before your event. Best of luck if you even remember his face when the day arrives. Wait a minute….Is that even the same DJ ???
There’s the rub right there…we aren’t just DJs! That’s only part of our job description. Who’s going to introduce your guests? Who is going to set the pace of the evening? Who is going to add the extra touches that make a reception magic such as lighting or a photobooth? An iPod? Your cousin who thinks he’s David Guetta? He’s about EDM not TLC ! We want you and your guest to enjoy themselves. Do you really want entertainment on your plate that day?
It’s very simple: We Care.

We don’t use your event as a “calendar filler”. We take the time to make sure we’ve got it right. What you haven’t thought of to doing that night, we usually suggest it. Chances are Pro-Mix has been in the wedding business longer than your banquet hall has. And it is Our Goal to bring the very best in wedding dj entertainment to your event. If you value your guests and your wedding, you’ll understand our value.

4 Steps To Finding The Best Wedding Package For You!

    All our wedding packages include:

  • A veteran Master-of-Ceremonies who will help guide the reception proceedings, introducing honored guests and hosting the most important parts of the night. This kind of service you CAN’T get with a $300 Craigslist DJ. Who else is going to run your party? Uncle Bob?
  • A professionally trained DJ for 4 hours playing your favorite music. Music can also be restricted to a “do-play” or “do-not-play” list upon request.
  • Computerized Digital DJ Rig with a Top-Quality JBL Sound System, suitable for 90% of all banquet facilities! Also includes a Wireless Handheld Mic for making announcements and sharing toasts. All systems have an On-site Back-up just in case.
  • Two LED Par Lighting Trees w/ 8 Colorful Lights for a SAFE, well-lit dancefloor.
  • Great for Couples who want their guests to have a fun time but want a simpler setup!
  • Takes our “Just the Essentials” Package and adds a Concert-style Lighting Package for added impact!
  • Adds Two 12-foot Glowing Vertical Aluminium Truss Towers, with or without white truss sleeves.
  • Adds Computer Controlled 360-degree Moving Lights to splash patterns of light around the room! Upgraded Dancefloor Wash Lighting to 8 x RGBA Wash Lights with exciting chase patterns.
  • Includes an On-Site Lighting Tech to playback the lights, adjusting the aesthetics of the lighting to match the intensity of the music.
  • Great for Couples who want a “subdued look” during cocktails and dinner but when the dancing starts they want a “nightclub feel”!

2nd package


Have a very large reception and you need lighting that can support hundreds of people at a time? This takes our “Upgraded Lighting” Package and adds even more excitement!

  • 20-foot Concert-quality Over-head Truss System on Tall Crank Stands.
  • 2 x 360-degree Moving Lights PLUS 20-Inch Mirrorball PLUS your choice of Two 400w Strobe Lights or Two UV-LED Washlights
  • High Impact Sound System with Long-Throw Subwoofers
  • Great for Gala-style Events with more than 800-1500 guests!

3rd package


Why stop with just a DJ? These extras make a wedding reception truly personalized for you.

  • Deluxe Photobooth w/ Unlimited Shooting
  • Photo Montage with Screen & Projector
  • Pre-Recorded Bride & Groom Introductions
  • Ceremony Music & PA System
  • Primier Fabric Pipe & Drape Backdrops
  • Wireless Battery-Powered RGBWA+UV LED Uplighting
  • “Dancing Under The Stars” Laser Projection
  • “Your Name In Lights” Custom Gobo Projection
  • Atmospheric Ceiling Break-up Patterns
  • Confetti Cannon
  • “Dancing On The Clouds” Dry Ice Effects
  • Customized Laser Show
  • “After-Party” Karaoke
  • Sinatra-style Classic Singer During Dinner

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Questions To Ask Your DJ

We can accommodate all popular music styles. At most events we play a broad mix of new and classic hits geared toward creating a fun-loving and inviting dance floor. If you are looking for anything special, together we can plan a music selection in advance.
Trust us, we’re not big fans of the chicken dance or the hokey pokey either. We love playing to people’s tastes and giving us a playlist is great way to set the feel of the night. However when it comes to “Do Not Play” lists, it’s our experience that if a popular song is being excluded, guests often react negatively. Believe it or not, many times it’s that one cliched song that gets people onto the dance floor for the rest of the night. Although we can follow a “Do Not Play” List, we do have a “Play Only If Requested” option for each song on our request sheet.
It’s different for every client. Some like to have a sophisticated professional DJ who acts accordingly, others want an outrageous DJ who joins in with the fun and mingles with guests. We find the best place to be is exactly where you want us. Don’t be afraid to tell us.
An organized wedding reception is a happy wedding reception. It is not enough to have a schedule written down, someone needs to put it to action. That is where our MCs step in performing important tasks such as leading out the wedding party, introducing to toasts and announcing the first dances. Beyond that, however, it is the job of an MC to be fun and engaging. A single Disc Jockey can’t do that job alone and still interact with the audience, it’s why we always have both a a DJ and MC on all weddings as a minimum.
There are many factors that affect the cost of our services, such as location and timing. One thing we are good at is custom packages. Adding additional items, such as photobooths and uplighting, can net you an significant discount! Bundle and Save! If you are looking for a $400 DJ and $200 photobooth, we might recommend another supplier but if you are looking for quality in a chaotic market: Pro-Mix is the best choice!

Special Touches